Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at SPH Music Masters finale tonight! 🙏🏻

Special thanks go out to the staff of Mahogany Hall Bern for the care-taking and the delicious spaghetti dinner!🍝 ❤️

Congrats also to Unexpected Fall and The Battle Borns for making it to the next round and to Felix Weber & The Mustangs for winning that wild card! 💪🏼

We‘ll be heading back to the practice room and work on our new stuff & get that single out ASAP 😁🤘🏼

See you soon!


Like the previous round, we have to compete against four other Bands (Unexpected Fall, Stay Illusion, Felix Weber & the Mustangs, The Battle Borns) – as well in performance, judged by a jury, and votes by the audience.

Yet again, we need your help to make it to the next round!

We got a bunch of tickets for 20.- each. You can contact us directly to get one of these; alternatively, you can buy one at the box office.

Thank you guys in advance!

See you at Mahogany Hall!


And big thanks to Drïzella for letting us warm up the crowd for you guys! We had lots of fun!

And thanks everbody for coming out in to the Aargau to party with us!

See you at the next show at the SPH Bandcontest’s City Finale in at Mahogany Hall, Bern